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Here, me again, with a big smile of course and also a big life. Actually it’s just another thing of me that I can’t even get the point of it. Because, I confess, I am a big pretender. Pretend that I was fine, happy, and “hey, I won the lottery!!!” Well, just a little bit, of course I feel so happy to this life and have a great feeling that God give me a gift to be live and alive among the society. Maybe it’s just me that can’t get “the society stuffs” into my mind, or I can say that it’s just the way I choose.

When everybody out there has a big party, I’m here alone with my notebook, my brain, my game, and my music. Is that sounds funny??? Well, maybe just a little bit, I have a little smile for these things sometime. But what I really think??? It’s fine, so fine, it’s just the way I choose, it’s just the way I need. That’s my defense, but deeply in my heart, I’m kind of jealous about what they say, they do, and they live. It’s a little feeling. But sometimes, it’s hurt me a lot. Strange??? Normal??? Psycho??? I think it’s a normal. Why??? Because a human being has a feeling called “jealousness”, and that’s true. But when it is really happen to them, do not pull the trigger to the end. Just control it, so the feeling have a little time to stay. And we’re back to the line.

Hey, it’s awesome I feel a little warmness right now, free, and fly like a bird. Say what I have to say. I say it to my notebook, a friend that always understand me [well, not so]. But I feel the different things. Is that an improvement??? Well, actually I really wish for it. Writing is my way to get out from a lot of things inside. Inside my brain of course, just write, write, and write. Throw away the words of mind. And share it to the world. That’ll have some points.

Well, it’s time for me to get the blanket all over my body. Well, I just want to warn you that I am a beginner [in English]. So, I’m sorry for my mistakes. Ok, enough See ya soon…